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White swan hotel approved by the guangdong hotel first departure tax rebates for store

Date: 2018-03-09

In the hotel can shopping departure tax refund formalities.Recently, the guangzhou white swan hotel approved by the foreign tourists shopping departure tax rebates store, as the first departure tax rebates for the hotel industry in guangdong province stores, and successfully opened the departure tax refund application form.Guangzhou irs said, this is guangzhou promote departure tax rebate policy, important measures to optimize the environment of business tax is not only beneficial to the point with surface boost the enthusiasm of the hotel industry using the departure tax rebate policy, more conducive to promoting foreign tourists on trip around the hotel shopping consumption, promote the development of guangzhou tourism economy.
White swan hotel, said an official with the related foreign tourists shopping departure tax rebate is a very good policy for self-support stores foreign star hotel, is to attract foreign visitors in a major bright spot.

It is understood that the departure tax rebate policy pilot for more than a year in guangzhou, the guangzhou irs many measures and is committed to the departure tax rebate policy propaganda and promotion, in the international flights, subway, tourist attractions play video, use of Canton fair, guangzhou and other large shopping festival activities to carry out the policy propaganda, at the same time, through the port of guangzhou baiyun airport agent rebates for outgoing passengers to provide 7 * 24 hours refund services.

But with the development of a number of measures, guangzhou departure tax rebate policy effect is obvious.As of the time, the city has set up a public announcement of tax rebate store 74 households, for overseas travelers from 105 countries and regions around the world issued a refund application form 2006, involving sales of 36.62 million yuan, tax rebate should be 4.03 million yuan.February 1, 2018, departure tax refund shops in guangzhou that we have issued a refund application form almost 200 involving sales of 5.43 million yuan, up 55% from a year earlier.

Guangzhou, said an official with the irs, next will jointly finance, business, tourism and other departments, from the tax drawback goods store scale, and the characteristic, the respect such as tax refund service facilitation continue to expand the departure tax refund scale, promote the local tourism development in guangzhou, promote city international influence.